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Febuary Meeting

Thursday, Febuary 25, 2016

A lazy microbiologist: Can technology get me out of this work thing?

Matthew Smith

Location: Global Water Center, Milwaukee

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Student Travel Grants: Deadline for March 2016 meeting is Feburary 13

Application materials can be downladed from . Submission is by e-mail to

2015 Executive Board Election results

Our newly elected 2016 officers are:

  • Chair Elect 2016: Andy Zrwinsky
  • Chair elect 2015 (Chair 2016): Dina Borysenko
  • Secretary: Holger Foersterling
  • Treasurer: Jordan Beck

Complete Election Results can be viewed HERE

Directory of all Officers and Committee heads

Milwaukee Section award - Call for Nominations

Nominations for the Milwaukee Section Award are open. Please send nominations to Mike Schuder at

More information and forms for submitting nominations can be found at

Congratulations to the winners of the Spring 2015 Student travel award:

Bryn Saunders, Josia McKenna, Kayla Rude, Amy Ott, Bao Vi Vo (all Carroll college) and Paul Hoerner (Concordia University).

Instrument Donation Program

Reminder: Businesses and medical facilities within the Milwaukee section are reminded of the Instrument Donation program run through the Chemical Education Committee. Through this program used but functional instruments can be donated to local high schools (or in certain cases, colleges or universities) to be used as teaching tools in the laboratory. Desired instruments include visual, UV and IR spectrometers, GCs, HPLCs, etc as well as ground glassware and other common items. Some local schools receive less than $100 per year as their chemistry budget and with the cuts being made in Madison, this amount is likely to decrease further. Donated materials are offered first to schools in the immediate vicinity of the donating firm and then to other programs in the section. You may contact Tony Antony ( for more details or to offer a donation. Donations are tax deductible.

New Facebook Presence

The Milwaukee Section of the ACS now has a presence on Facebook.

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Call for Nominations for Milwaukee Section Award

Details can be found here

Young Chemist Committe Information Flyer

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