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Milwaukee Section Award

Nomination Information - Nominations are currently being sought for the 2015 award

Milwaukee Section Award Recipients

(The first Milwaukee Section Award was presented to J. Vernon Steinle in November, 1958 and has since been awarded annually, except for 1972, 1973, 1996 and 2013.)
2013 No Award
2012 Joe Piatt Carroll University
2011 David M. Schrader Marquette University
2010 William Donaldson Marquette University
2009 Patrick Ting Miller-Coors Co.
2008 Wilfried Tysoe University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
2007 Daniel T. Harworth Marquette University
2006 David H. Petering University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
2005 Thomas A. Holme University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
2004 Chieu D. Tran Marquette University
2003 Michael A. McKinney Marquette University
2002 Jennifer A. Runquist Medical College of Wisconsin
2001 Jai P. Nagarkatti Aldrich Fine Chemicals
2000 E. Alexander Hill University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
1999 Jung-Ja P. Kim Medical College of Wisconsin
1998 James Kincaid Marquette University
1997 Jose J. Fripiat University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
1996 no award  
1995 Stan J. Flashinski S.C. Johnson Wax Company
1994 Clinton Lane Aldrich Chemical Company
1993 Etzer Chicoye Miller Brewing Company
1992 Charles A. Wilkie Marquette University
1991 George Keulks University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
1990 Daniel Bloch S.C. Johnson Wax Company
1989 James Cook University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
1988 Dmitri Gorjestani Cook Composites
1987 Vincent S. Bavisotto Miller Brewing Company
1986 Robert Fitch S.C. Johnson Wax Company
1985 Richard Bayer Carroll College
1984 W. Keith Hall UW-Milwaukee
1983 Norman Hoffman Marquette University
1982 John R. Rogers S.C. Johnson Wax Company
1981 Albert W. Jache Marquette University
1980 Harris L. Friedman Lakeside Laboratories
1979 Kazuo Nakamoto Marquette University
1978 Glenn Svoboda Cook Composites
1977 Frederick J. Kohls Ladish Company
1776 Harley G. Loeffler Chris Hansen Laboratories
1975 William K. Miller S.C. Johnson Wax Company
1974 Allan G. Boyes Allis Chalmers; Freeman Chemical
1973 no award  
1972 no award  
1971 Alfred Bader Aldrich Chemical Company
1970 Merle G. Farnham Chris Hansen Laboratories
1969 Beatrice Kassell Marquette Medical School
1968 John Jenkins Pittsburgh Plate Glass
1967 Stephen E. Freeman Freeman Chemical
1966 Henry J. Peppler Universal Foods
1965 Enos H. McMullen S.C. Johnson Wax Company
1964 Hamilton Pinkalla American Biosynthetics
1963 Armand J. Quick Marquette Medical School
1962 Carroll E. Inhoff Allis Chalmers
1961 August E. Orthmann Orthmann Laboratories
1960 John H. Biel Lakeside Laboratories
1959 Henry B. Merrill Eisendrath Tanning
1958 J. Vernon Steinle S.C. Johnson Wax Company

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